My Army Career in Bullets

January 1976: Basic Training, Fort Jackson, SC, B-7-2, graduated Training Leader of the Cycle

March 1976: Infantry Training, Fort Polk, LA, D-6-2, graduated Distinguished Honor Graduate

17 June 1976: Basic Airborne, Fort Benning, GA, barely passed due to my inability to do a proper left side parachute landing fall.

July 1976: Assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division

Charlie 2/505: Company Commander's Driver, Armorer, Rifleman, Grenadier, Team Leader

Schools: Driver, Armorer, Dragon Gunner, Door Gunner, PNCOC/CA, Jungle Warfare Panama

Mentors: CPT William F. McLaughlin, 1SG Alfred H. Gainey, 1LT Raymond S. Flora, 1SG George D. Alexander, SSG Eric M. Sykes

Scouts 2/505: Assistant Section Leader, Section Leader, 1st Section

Schools: Machine Gun Leader, Jump Master (took two tries, JMPI - 100% accurate, seconds over time)

January 1980: ETS

March 1981: Re-Enlistment, back to Scouts 2/505

1982, the year of the 82nd: Canada, Panama, Texas, Montana, Colorado, California.

Promoted to Staff Sergeant DOR 17May82

October 1983: Grenada

March 1984: Charlie Company 3rd PSG

December 1984: Turkiye HQ. Command, LSE

Promoted to Sergeant First Class DOR 1APR85

March 1986: 2/505 Scouts PSG

Infantry ANCOC, Ft. Benning GA

Spring 1988: 2-505 Battalion S3 NCOIC

August 1988: Exchange NCO, The British Parachute Regiment, 538 Platoon Depot Para, Brize Norton No. 1 Parachute School, 8 Platoon Sergeant C Company, 1 Para

Wales, Hunter Liggett, Cyprus, Oman, Holland, Germany, Scotland, Hythe and Lydd

August, 1990: Plans and Operations, Maneuver and Exercise Branch, Land Forces Southeast Europe, Izmir Turkey

Promoted to Master Sergeant DOR 1NOV91

August: 1992: Charlie 2/505, HHC 2/505, and HHC 3rd Brigade 1SG

Joint Task Force 6 Arizona

Cuban Refugee Crisis, Panama

1996: Class 47, US Army Sergeants Major Academy

Promoted to SGM DOR 1APR97

1997-2000: ROTC Sergeant Major, Virginia Military Institute

September 2000: Turkey J-3 Operations Sergeant Major and Joint Command Southeast Sergeant Major, and September 2000 - March 2001: Kosovo KFOR-4 J-3 Sergeant Major.

6 September 2001: Retirement

6 September 2001 - 1 February 2018: Corps and Institute Sergeant Major, Virginia Military Institute