"It should be one's sole endeavor to see everything afresh and creat it anew." ~ Gustav Mahler

The "N" in my banner is also a stylized DV, Roman numerals for 505, a reference to my army Regiment, the 505th Parachute Infantry.

The four lines are for the Four Cardinal Directions on a map or compass, with a South-pointing North Star as a shout-out to my Southern Heritage. The little star also represents my love of astronomy and the universe.

The East arrow points out my new Azimuth or direction in life after hanging up the uniform forever, moving out with a purpose.

The "neel505" address for my site came from the time I began learning computers and trying to finding a good AOL e-mail name. I tried every combination of my name but all were taken. Then I noticed a few of my army buddies just added 505, our regiment, onto their last name. AOL took it, so I was, then when I set up my first site on Geocities. When Geocities closed down, I had to buy a domain, and bought "" and hosted it on Yahoo Small Business. When that closed, I moved everything to iPage, Google's web hosting service, and then moved again to GoDaddy.

This is what I call "My Tattoo."

Now, I don't have a tattoo, but there was this one drunken night in Aldershot, UK, when the lads wanted to take me to a parlor and have their Regimental Cap Badge permanently emblazoned on my arm or chest.

Luckily, I was not that drunk.

Back in America, I revisited the idea and began designing what might be decent tat that would mean something.

This was my favorite, my two regiments in one design, the Winged 505 Panther and the Parachute Regiment Cap Badge. Now it is like my Coat of Arms.

I am an athiest, an empericist, and a scientist. There is not nor was there ever a god. Deal with it. This symbol, recently added represents that.  I wish I had designed this, but took it from the web.

It's perfect.

Intellectual Property Statement: Most everything on this site is mine. When I use someone else's stuff, I always try to give them credit. If you decide to use anything on this website, please do the same. Don't be an asshole.