About Me
"An autobiography usually reveals nothing bad about the author except his memory." ~ Franklin P. Jones

OK reader, here are a few things you should know about me . . . as if you care.

I'm an Alabamian, born and raised.  I grew up in Birmingham, attending Kennedy grammar school and Woodlawn high school.

I'm a "middle kid," not the smartest, but certainly the best-looking of three brothers.  Just kidding; I'm smarter too.

I'm a huge Auburn football fan.  War damn Eagle!  I watch a little tennis.  That's it; I'm not big on sports.  Golf and Bowling are NOT sports.

I served in the Army for twenty-four years, Private to Sergeant Major, mostly in the 82nd Airborne's 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment as Infantryman and Scout.  I am a Master Parachutist with Centurion Wings.

My deployments were to Grenada, Joint Task Force-6 on the New Mexico border, Panama for the Cuban refugee crisis, and KFOR-4 Kosovo.  I have trained in almost every state in the Union, Canada, Panama, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Holland, France, Cyprus, and Oman.

I was assigned to NATO in Izmir Turkey three times and consider Türkiye a second home.  My Türkçe is şōyle bōyle

I was posted on Her Majesty's Service for two years in the 1st Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment.  I often talk in The Queen's English with a southern accent.  I call my friends "Mate." I picked up "Cheers" as a term for thanks, hello, goodbye, and Let's DRINK!

I'm a graduate of Class 47 of the U. S. Army Sergeants Major Academy (hated every minute of it), after which, I was the ROTC Sergeant Major at Virginia Military Institute (VMI).

I retired from the Army on 6 September 2001 (my timing always sucked) and worked for sixteen-and-a-half years at VMI as the Corps and Institute Sergeant Major.  I became a tired old man at VMI.

After forty-one years in uniform, I retired completely on 1 February 2018.

I live in Virginia, amongst grandchildren and battlefields, between the beach and the Blue Ridge.

Here is My Career in Bullets

I am married to a beautiful Birmingham girl, have two wonderful kids (who married great partners), two grandchildren, and two grand-dogs.

I keep busy with my cameras, my guitar, my telescope, my car, my bird book, traveling, and visiting battlefields.

I double-space between sentences, use Windows and Android, abbreviate rank the Army way, don't believe "disrespecting" is an actual word, and conjugate "plead" as plead, pled, pled . . . all of which is, of course, correct.

I hate the word "hooah", preferring the paratrooper term "AIRBORNE" as my emphatic.  You goddamn Legs can keep your "H" word.

I detest politics and politicians.

I don't believe there is or ever was a god or supreme being, but it is totally fine with me if you do, as long as you don't try to impose your superstitions on me.  Try and I will kick your psychological crutch right out from under you.

I'm an Earth-loving, Mustang driving, bird-watching, gun-toting, radically moderate, proud American Southerner.

Pleased to meet you.

Intellectual Property Statement: Most everything on this site is mine.  When I use someone else's stuff, I always try to give them credit.  If you decide to use anything on this website, please do the same.  Don't be an asshole.
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