Contacting Me
"I get mail; therefore, I am." ~ Scott Adams

If I'm talking to you, I'm probably sitting Right Here.  This is my War Room, the nexus between me and the universe.

Entrance into The Neel505 War Room requires a certain amount of propriety.

  • Be polite

  • Be intelligent

  • Be original

  • Be informed and able support up your position with facts.

  • Be like the kid who wrote to me and said he found my site by searching for "the most boring site on the web."  I loved that guy.

The easiest way to contact me is by email.  I'm at: sgm john l neel at g mail "dot" com (no spaces).*  Send Away. I will always answer back.

If you have my cell number, you'll need to text me first and tell me who you are; I do not answer numbers not in my contacts.  If you don't have it, you probably don't need it.

*It is amazing how much less junk mail I get doing it this way.

Intellectual Property Statement: Most everything on this site is mine.  When I use someone else's stuff, I always try to give them credit.  If you decide to use anything on this website, please do the same.  Don't be an asshole.
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