Neel-Williams Family

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Nicholas Clayton and Georgia Ann Byrd Neel

Georgia Ann Neel with Sons and Daughters


Felto Hill and Martha Christine Cook Williams

By mom's account, Mr. Williams adored her, but Granny Williams mistreated her because she was "not good enough for her grandson. Photos don't lie.



Harry and Myrtle Wicks Williams and Emmette Conwell Neel



Emmett "Em" Conwell and Myrtle Wicks Williams Neel

Myrtle Wicks Williams Neel

Harry Williams with Annelle and Tim, Boy's Reformatory School, Roebuck, Alabama


Emmette Conwell Neel

Myrtle with Children

at old house on Highway-17 North of Geiger

Emmette Williams, Thomas Conwell, Martha Ann, Harry Eugene, Myrtle Ruth

The Geiger House and Water Tower


Geiger Methodist Church

The Timilichee Club

The Yellow Front Store Main Street Geiger