This tiny slice of the world wide web is my favorite little hobby. It is not meant to be newsworthy, profound, or even interesting. Don't expect any life-changing ideas here. Mostly, I enjoy building it for its problem solving aspects.

This site is about my future as I make a major course adjustment after being in uniform for forty-one years. It is time for me to do different things, Normal things.

To my friends, family, former cadets, fellow paratroopers and mates: Please stay in touch. New people are good too. My contact information is listed at the "contact" tab.

Airborne All The Way, H-Minus, Utrinique Paratus, Scouts Out, Rah Virginia Mil, and War damn Eagle, Y'all!


"Happy is the man, who, like Ulysses, has made a fine voyage, or has won the Golden Fleece, and then returns, experienced and knowledgeable, to spend the rest of his life among his family!"~ Joachim du Bellay

* I lost my editor a few years ago, so, please overlook the misspellings and grammar issues of my Alabama Education.