Is This The Best We Can Do! 

"A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholar and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools" ~ Thucydides

We're in the shit now boys and girls.

We've elected an immature little wanker of an egotist as our president.  He's the kid who was always told he was So Smart, the golden child.  He was never told No.  His daddy's money bought him the best places to be educated, but he can't use three syllable words. 

Our other choice was no better; four to eight more years of the Clinton political machine was going to do no one any good.  Here's a person that doesn't understand the Buck Stops Here principle.

I voted for John Kasich in the primaries and wrote in John Kasich in the election, because I could not bring myself to voting for the lesser of the two evils, and I sure as hell wasn't voting for Hillary Clinton.

So, my question for the nation is this:  Is this the best we can do?

Take a look at every candidate in the primaries.  Holy Shit!  A hard line Socialist, a corrupt political elitist, an extremely overweight New Jersey political boss, A Texas member of the American Taliban, the younger brother from Florida wanting to be just like his big brother from Texas, and a young punk also from Florida.  Correct, I didn't mention the Libertarian party, because that's just a shit-show. 

The ONLY person on either stage that looked even promising was John Kasich. And the news media types made sure he was never given any air time...either because he wasn't controversial enough or because they thought he was a threat to their Shoe-in Candidate, Hillary.

Where are our Jeffersons, our Washingtons, our Madisons, our  Reagans?

The people have truly spoken in understandable, though dangerous terms.  They are tired of these self-serving career politicians attempting to run and ruining our country.

We need fresh voices.  We need People who will stand up for ALL Americans, people who will do the right thing, not the popular thing, people who are unconcerned with their reelection but who will take the hard right rather than the easy wrong.  Educated people.  People of service.  Moderates.

We need Veterans, people who have served their country in tough times, who did it, not for personal gain, but for love of Country, Community, Family, and Friends, America...People who have already sworn an oath to the Constitution and have lived that oath, no matter the personal consequences.

We need to encourage this generation of Warriors to come home safe, educate themselves, and get into politics.  They need to take back this country for the people who love it, it's ideals, and it's freedons.

We need to beat back the lunatic fringes collapsing our society from all sides.  That's Right, I said ALL Sides.