What's Next-When I'm Retired-Retired

"...but not yet.  Not Yet." ~ Juba, from Gladiator

I will retire from VMI in the Spring Semester, 2018.  That's jus a few months from now.  I'll be sixty-five and ready.  Hell; I'm ready NOW! I have been wearing the uniform for over 40 years and I am tired of it, tired of the hours, and tired of putting off things I've been wanting to do for years.  I want to grow some hair, sport a short beard, and wear jeans everyday.  I want to come and go as I please with no one out-ranking me (except Kim, of course).  I think I've earned that.

 I will, however, not sit on my ass and wait for the universe to re-claim the molecular structure.  I not going to be like Bear, who stopped coaching, and went straight to the grave....so I know I have to have a Plan.  This is what I have so far:

1.   Continue to Workout and Run.  Yoga and Tai Chi...yeah, I want to do that shit.

2.   Audit a bucket load of courses in the Seniors program at UVA.  I get to do that for FREE!

3.   Blog.  I'm thinking "Common Sense Thinking" or "Well Aimed Shots"...say the stuff I haven't been unable to say for years.  Also considering a Civil War blog using a Drone. 

4.   Improve Bess and drive it like a granny.  This will take discipline I plan to discover in old age.

5.   Travel the USA.  There are places I have never seen that I really want to see like, Mackinac Island, Yosemite, Alaska, and the Grand Canyon.

6.   Keep working on my Photography.  Take photos of my people.

7.   Play my guitar and sing...a LOT.  Recall how much fun it is to sing in the shower.

8.   Go back to Turkiye to see my friends, eat great food, and see my favorite sites...if Turkiye will just get their shit together.  Ataturk would be so mad at you guys right now.

9.   See Greece, Italy, Crete, & Kenya...in that order.

10.  Fly Fishing and throw them back.  I like the artistry of it all.  I don't like fis guts.

11. Shoot Clays, lots of clays, and get extremely good.  My new Browning Citori CX is helping.

12. Support candidates, for local/state level office, preferably Veterans, in whom I can believe

13. Lots more Astronomy...include my kids and grandkids.

14. Public Service of some sort.  I'm thinking urban revitalization, park maintenance, playground construction.  Hell, maybe I'll just pick up trash in my Neighborhood.

15. Watch The Chronicles of Narnia with my Grandkids.

Other Suggestions Welcome