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A Bad Day in Charlottesville

"We need to start with forgiveness and stop all of the hate. ~ Mark Heyer

Thirty-two year old Heather Heyer died August 12th, 2017.  I wonder it Heather thought she might die that day.

Had she known she would, wound she have gone?  I wonder if the protesters and counter protesters would have attended a rally knowing that it would be the catalyst for a young woman's death.

I'm guessing a reasonable person anywhere of our political spectrum, would have refused to go.

Among good and reasonable people on both sides who found their way to the rally were people proud of their southern heritage, hoping to preserve the symbols put up in the south at the turn of the 20th century and others, just as proud of their heritage, hoping take down these symbols, pointing to the negative aspects. 

This should have been a community discussion and a community decision.

Enter the Lunatic Fringe. Using the emotional stir in the country over southern statues, the Lunatic Extreme Right planned a march.  To them, coming to Charlottesville to protect statues had nothing to do with it.  They wanted a national platform to preach their hate,  The word went out for all the crazies from across the Country to converge on peaceful Charlottesville Virginia. 

They came for a fight.  They hoped they would get one.

Peaceful Counter Protests were planned.  The University of Virginia President discouraged her students from attending.  Police called for calm.  Still, good people would not sit idly by and let Nazis take over their town without doing something.

Enter the Lunatic Fringe.

Likewise, the Extreme Far Left mobilized.  Their goals were to shut down the Rally and any and all costs.

They came for a fight.  They hoped they would get one.

And, Mob Rule Prevailed. And Heather and many more were injured was killed in the Fucking Craziness and Hate.

I wonder if moving or saving one statue is worth Heather's life.  I wonder what would have happened if, on that day, the Nazi's had been left to voice their hate and march with their torches.  I wonder what would have happened if, on that day, the counter protest had adopted a tactic of Humorous Subversion like in Wunsiedel Germany.

I wonder if Heather Heyer thought she might die that day.