Dude.  Your Beret Looks like Shit! 

"What manner of men are these who wear the Maroon Beret?" ~ Montgomery  

You guys probably don't know that our Berets were taken away from us in 1989 and it took over a year for us to get them back....so, I get pissed when I see you wearing it incorrectly.

Who told you you were supposed to shave it and then wear it flat on your head, down below your ear like some French crepe or berry pancake?  You look ridiculous.  Wearing berets like this started about the same time the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Whateverhisnamewas, let Legs wear a beret...you know, when everyone was made to feel special like little kids at soccer getting a trophy just for trying.

Contrary to the leg-written regulation, Berets are not supposed to extend below the top of the ear, and should be canted slightly forward, to just above the eyebrows, and raised slightly in the back...NOT parallel to the ground.  The flash and crest should be over the right eye and it should have a full appearance.  The Beret once had a liner for this full effect and it was an Article 15 offense to cut your liner out.  You were also outcast as a Shit-bag if you wore your Beret the way some of you guys wear them.  Have some damn pride!  NCOs, Fix It!

Here's a photo of COL Robert L. Howard, the most highly decorated American since Audie Murphy.  He was wearing a beret ten years before the 82nd was wearing one...and a hell-of-a lot longer than the Legs.  Compare it to your beret.  Who do you think is correct?