Hoo-ah.  I hate the word.

"All The Way Sir!  Airborne!" ~ The Greeting of the Day in the damn 82nd Airborne Division since WWII

I'm just about tired of all this "hoo-ah" crap you hear around the Army these days.  In the good old days of Bragg, you never ( and I mean NEVER) heard such nonsense.  We used the paratrooper term "AIRBORNE."  You would hear it a thousand times a day, "All the Way Sir!"--"AIRBORNE!"--"You understand Trooper?"--"Airborne Sergeant!"

About 1990, when the Army began down-sizing, THE Division became the dumping ground for hundreds of Five- Jump-Commandos, Privates and NCOs who had been hiding out in leg units who had never spent a day on Jump Status except to finish Jump School at Ft. Benning and pin on the wings.  We got them from Germany, Korea, Range Control, Hawaii...and they were behind the power curve.  We got SFCs who refused to go to Jumpmaster School.  We got Bucks who didn't remember how to put on a parachute, much less know how to rig a ruck.

I guess in leg units, "hoo-ah" must have been the thing to say, because you couldn't really say "Airborne" now could you?  I noticed the difference as soon as I got back from 1 Para and Turkey..."hoo-ah" was everywhere.  I would render a sharp salute to officers with the 82nd greeting of "All The Way Sir," and get back, "hoo-ah First Sergeant." Man, that would piss me off and they always got both barrels!

I made it a big issue in Charlie Company; say the word and drop!

One day a couple of my more comical SPCs asked me if "Hoo-ah" could possibly be a Turkish word, knowing my love for all things Turkish.  I told them I'd get back to them the next day, a cunning plan already brewing in the back of my little pea-brain.  The next day I told them that, actually, it WAS a Turkish idiom, which loosely translated meant, "Do me up the back-side, you big stud muffin."  This "translation" ran rampant throughout Charlie Company and it almost immediately fixed the problem.

Sadly, it was a loosing battle.

So!  All of you proud and faithful Paratroopers say it with me!

Take a deep breath!  Let it out!


You dirty-nasty-legs, crap-hats and 5-jump-chumps say whatever you want.  We don't care.