My Photography
I'm a hybrid photographer, shooting both digitally and with 35mm and 120mm film. I no longer process my film, but send  it off to be developed. I scan the negatives myself, and manipulate with Gimp and Picassa (yep, still use that).  I carry a nice Nikon digital SLR for instant gratification.

Trained in film by three very good Army Combat Photographers while in Izmir Turkey, I am very much a student of their teaching. They forced me to learn in Black and White and I still like Black and White best.

I strive to be a good technical photographer, but I'm no artist.  Occasionally, the two may mingle in a few lucky shots.

Here, then, are a few of my favorite photos from years past and newer ones as they manifest themselves.

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." ~ Ansel Adams


Taken as I began studying Photography in earnest, during my first trip to Turkey, this shot remains one of my favorite photos of all time.  

It tells a story of the difference between how the people of the city of Izmir live from those only a few hundred yards away.  Like in any big city I guess.

I had seen the twinkling lights at night, below the castle on the hill, and wondered at their beauty.  The reality was such a stark contrast.


Kady in Izmir
Taken during the winter of 1985, using the available light from my apartment window, Kady, in my absolute favorite photo of her.

I used my Canon AE-1 program with 70-210mm FD lens, Kodak Plus-X, 125, and developed it with Microdol.  For this image, I scanned the original negative on my Epson V550Photo scanner, and adjusted with Gimp and Picasa.

So Bu'ful.


Coffee and Conroy
This photo of friend Ryan, one of the sweetest and beautiful people I know. I took it on the Charlottesville Mall, using Kodak Portra 400, with a Mamiya RZ-67.  I cropped it with Picasa, but made no adjustments.

I love Portra Film for people and the RZ-67 has become my favorite film camera.

Ryan?  I'll take photos of her anytime.


Bushong Orchard
Taken in digital on a hot summer day on the New Market battlefield, this is former VMI Cadet NM, in a dress of her own creation, made from Cadet uniforms, blown by a gust of wind passing through the orchard.


The Regimental Drummer
"Somewhere on the road back home from Shiloh, He got older than his years.  Just another fallen brother."

I shot this from the hip, just as the drummer slung his drum over his shoulder after a long day of reenacting. It reminded me of the words from the musical, Civil War, by Jack Murphy.

A little cropping and it turned out to be a good photo.


Charlottesville by Contax
Shot with TMAX 400, in a Contax T2, a gift from Kady's Uncle Ed, a photo of one of my new favorite places, downtown Charlottesville Virginia, my new home town.

Street photography, I like it.

I sold the Contax. ?


That Tree
The very  day we moved to Charlottesville, I noticed a beautiful oak tree, standing alone in a field across Highway 29 from our house.

I made it a point to photograph it, though i waited until Winter to get off my ass and walk over with my camera.  I chose TMAX 400 and the RZ-67.

I think what I need to do is shoot it in all four seasons. That's a plan.


Savannah Georgia is a photographer's dream.  I believe it to be the most beautiful city on the planet.  

I'll miss the frequent trips now that my Daughter has moved.


Woods Creek
Favorite walking trail in Lexington, it has some really picturesque spots.  This is the tunnel under Highway 60 and the Washington and Lee University footbridge. 


Night Parade
A foggy night shot of VMI Barracks, looking across the parade ground.  

It looks so calm and peaceful.  

It isn't.


Slide Rock
A short stop on our way back from Sedona Arizona, Slide Rock State Park.

Worth a visit.


Mr. Moore's Cars
Hidden in the middle of Center point, Alabama, is one of the finest private car collections in the South.  I got to see it because my father-in-law was big buddies with the owner.  This Packard is worth about a Bazillion Bucks.


Keys Sunset
I love the Keys. but when I'm there, I'm such a tourist. I've taken about a thousand Sunset photos.

Taken on Grassy Key, this one is my Fave.  Makes me want to go back!


I like Cooper fluffy.  My daughter lets him grow his coat out like this in the winter, but cuts him back in the summer.

He hates having his photo taken, so, to get this shot, I held up his ball just before pushing the shutter on my Nikon D5100 with 50mm.

Digital is the only way to go with Cooper; otherwise, I would waste a LOT of film.


My Maryland
Taken on a Civil War trip with Colonel John, up North, to see Antietam and Gettysburg, these tracks run from Harper's Ferry to Maryland.

Of all my Civil War Shots, I like this one best.  Perspective!

A Friend Visits Church Crookham

Our best friend posed for me while visiting us in England.  We were both in our thirties then. I just got around to scanning these negatives and they are better than I remember.

I shot these with available light and Kodak Tri-X 400. 

The pixilation here was caused by rinsing the film in water that was too warm, a long story, but I like the effect.  I don't like the loss of four other rolls of film of her.  She was gorgeous and marvelous with the camera, and it was a great session, lost forever.

Hidden Memorial
Kim called me while completely lost in the country while on an unauthorized drive.  I navigated her home, since she had no satellite coverage or internet where she was.

She safely returned with stories of photo opportunities.  We re-traced her path a few days later.  She wasn't wrong.

Cool and Friendly-Like

One of the most fun exhibits anywhere, the frogs at the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, had me at the first display.

If frogs can be beautiful, then these were the most beautiful frogs from around the world.  Amazing Colors.

I took this with a small Samsung point-and-shoot through the glass.  The title is from, "Green," sung by Kermit, of course.

To Ponder and Dream

One of my favorite photos of DJ, one of my all-time favorite subjects, taken at Antietam Battlefield during the summer of 2010. 

Taken digitally with a Sony DSC-HX1 and adjusted with Gimp and Picasa, I like this for its "Wuthering Heights" look, her hair wafting in the gentle breeze drifting down Bloody Lane.

Something truly remains on these fields.

I've taken more photos of this pretty girl than I've taken of anyone else.  I'm sure you see why.

Few Come to Visit

Kady choses the best places for photo trips.  She read about this, then navigated us through the Virginia back roads until we found it.  It was amazing, an old mill, stuck back out in the country, in relatively good repair, and dying for someone to take photos.

Her photos from the day are way better than mine.

Roush 05-0477

I've taken hundreds of photos of Bess, my car, every place we've gone together, on her every birthday, and with just about every friend who has ridden in her with me.

She has "posed" with barns, battlefields, beaches, babes, and here on the Blue Ridge. Named Bess after Bessemer Alabama, where I bought her, she is more than a car to me, she is my rebellion, my mistress, and my freedom.

I call her The Car that Saved American Muscle, and if you look back to before the 2005 Mustang, you'll see that it is true. If you drive a 5.0, Shelby, Camaro, Charger, or Challenger, just say, "Thank You." 

Bess is quick and agile, and still runs like a top, with over 140,000 miles on the odometer.  She still attracts Mustang fans who tell me about their Mustang and how they wish they had never sold theirs. 

I listened and listen still.

In Situ

Wanting to post a definitive photo representing my times in Turkiye, I scanned all my photos from my three tours.  I finally found, among them, THE PHOTO, one for which I have been searching for quite a while.

I took it with my new Canon AE-1, on my first trip to Ephesus back in 1985, as I walked along a back street where few visit.  Half excavated, the diggers wisely left this column resting on its base and on the rubble from a nearby wall, most likely from the earthquake of 262CE which destroyed the city.  It is a history lesson unto itself.

This, I've always said, was the moment that I realized how much I loved Turkiye.


So, I went out west and for the first time, I didn't see pine trees and sand.  I've been to almost every state while in the Army and all I saw were pine trees and sand, because, well, that's where Army bases are located.

I saw Rocks, white rocks, gray rocks, red rocks.  Lots of Rocks.  There were Cacti and strange plants, craters and canyons, deserts and mountains, wind farms and oil wells, cities and ghost towns, and...It was Gorgeous. 

There were photos to take everywhere I looked, and I took hundreds, and they make the finest backgrounds on my computer monitor.

It was nice, but I'll keep Green and Virginia...and beaches and the ocean.