My Stories

Like most old men, I have stories that I love to tell. The older I get, the narratives may have changed, some names have been forgotten, and, perhaps, a bit of embellishment has crept in.

Long ago, my brothers and I asked our Parents write their stories. They only wrote a few, but those few are cherished by the family as classics of Neel and Lee family History.

I have decided to tell as many of my favorite stories here. They will never be classics of family history, but maybe my kids or grandkids will, one day, be interested.

For the causal readers of these tall tales, fish stories, and memories--Enjoy the comedy that has been my life. It has been great fun.

"If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again." ~ Groucho Marx

To Do

How Decisions Changed the Course of My Life, 1971-now (Working)

The Real VMI

Big Foot: The Swamps of Florida, 1982

Not Tonight, Kato: The Running Battle with Pigg

OK, Colonel, You Load The Boat: Izmir to Tekirdag by LST, Fall 1985

France: 50th Anniversary of D-Day, 1994

The Hairy Sapper: Fiscus vs. the Coati Mundi

Bess (Roush 05-0477): The Car that Saved American Muscle