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"If you've heard this story before, don't stop me, because I'd like to hear it again." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Old soldiers love to tell stories. I am no exception.

As we tell them, we skew facts, forget names and, perhaps, just for fun, embellish a bit.

I knew that I wanted to write when I retired and I thought the best way to start would be to type my stories.

My brothers and I asked our mother and father to write their stories.  Dad wrote a few and Mom wrote just one.

We consider them treasures of family history.

Dad died too young to finish and Mom's memory went long before she could.  I wish we had stayed on them or made them start sooner. 

If only laptops had existed back then.  Mom could type a bazillion words a minute, but never mastered her word processor.  Dad wrote everything in his perfect long-hand.

I wish I had taken notes, made videos, and taken more interest.

That leaves me to do. . .something. I've asked Kady to type out Mom's story, Dad's stories, and Dad's WWII letters home from England.  I plan to post them here. <---future link to Page

For my part of family history, here are my stories, those I have told over the years and a few I may have never told.


the ufo


mandolin rain



too young to drive

chief pin cushion and bottle washer

don't come home tonight

motion man

the cult

no no-gos


soldier names

fishugh and neely

a photo too far


meeting kady

under the tennis ball

why i don't drive chevys

huggin and a chalkin

there's a bug in my ear

forty below


stranger in a strange land

john's on the bus

sheep swatters

e's playground

a war song

the girl in barracks

broken knife

osko, i gotta go


To Do

the bat cave


safe haven




66th street youth choir


west virginia runion


turk coffee

the maury river and me

boy, you better find that dog

horror at sunrise

the alarm clock was not set properly

i used to be

cleaning the barracks lights

not racing petty

the little things

hot butt

wrestling the gods

northern Ireland medal

notes to my grandkids

the kedis


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