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"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." ~ George A. Moore

I've traveled the world on the Army's dime.  I loved it.  Now I want to see my own country.  I can go where I want and when I want, so I will chronicle it all here.

This page is for new travels, but I may reference my favorite places from the past as I write; I can't imagine not talking about Turkiye and Great Britain.  So forgive me if I begin to talk of old days, and old times, and favorite people.

I'll begin with a trip to Savannah to watch Cooper in late February, then there will be summer trips and a planned trip out West in October.  The Crater!  I have got to go see the Crater.

If I go overseas again, my heart wants to go back to Turkiye, but I'm thinking that I must do Greece and Italy first.  Kim's wats to go to Italy, specifically Tuscany, but I need to go stand at the pass at Thermopylae and visit the Archaic Greek sites like Mycenae and Pylos.  Knossos on Crete is a wish. 

I'm guessing I'll be going to Tuscany First.

A photo safari in Africa is a wish.  A night or two in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac would be nice. Kim has seen Niagara Falls, but I haven't.  That will have to take place, if we go, in the Summer; I will not do Canada in Winter ever again.

Savannah by Default, Feb 2018

My first trip after retirement became a puppy sitting adventure in Pooler Georgia for my Daughter.  I have always loved Savannah and have visited a number of times before she moved here.  My first trip was to visit Ed when he was in the Ranger Battalion,.  That was a good weekend of shooting cool Ranger firearms, hitting Tybee Island, eating at great restaurants, and going to the movies.  Kim met me there once while I was on exercise at Ft. Stewart and got a weekend off. We fell I  live with River Street.  I've been once with the VMI band for the Saint Patrick's Day parade, always a good time.

Since Elise moved here, I've been back to visit, move, or puppy-watch numerous times.  This time has been the best.  Left to our own devices, Cooper and I have traveled all around the city and area seeing and photographing the sights.  We've been Downtown, to Fort Pulaski, Fort James Jackson, and Jekyll Island on day trips.  Still on the docket are Tybee Island, River Street, and back to Forsyth Park.