My Family Tree

"People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors." ~ Edmund Burke

 I am a Neel, Lee, Williams, Cook, Lacey, Byrd, Garrison, Winters.  I'm French, English, Scot, and Irish.  My Kids add the Bragg and Dennis families.  My grandson is part Polish.

Because  John Clayton Neel died at Shiloh, we Neels can not trace our roots back any farther.  For years, we only had family lore and verbal history, but new discoveries have proven those histories to be true.  Perhaps as more information becomes catalogued and available, we will be able to move farther into our past.

My goal here is to publish what I have so far for the family to use and so, hopefully, someone somewhere will be looking for one of my kinfolk.  I've been putting it off long enough.

The Neel Family of Geiger Alabama